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The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR)

The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR) is a nationally recognised quality mark for those who work in sports and exercise nutrition.

The register is a world renowned voluntary entity designed to accredit suitably qualified and experienced individuals who have the competency to work autonomously as a sport and exercise nutritionist with performance oriented athletes, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health.

Being on the Register

The register is expected to help in:

  • public protection, namely the sport and performance focused exercising community;
  • setting, protection and promotion of standards of services and education;
  • professional development of individuals;
  • developing the profession and its knowledge base.

The SENR outlines professional standards and competencies for sport and exercise nutritionists. It guides the development of sport and exercise nutrition curriculum, provides career development pathways for aspiring sport and exercise nutritionists and promotes the recognition of registered individuals as professionals within a valued specialism. 

Becoming an SENR Registrant UK and Overseas

Those meeting the SENR register eligibility are invited to join the BDA.

Pausing SENR Graduate applications

Due to an increasing demand for SENR membership, we are receiving a continuously high volume of graduate applications at present. To ensure this backlog of existing graduate applications can be processed in a timely manner, we have made the decision to temporarily pause all future graduate applications for SENR membership until 1 June 2023. We will also use this time to develop a more streamlined and user-friendly process for graduate applications going forwards.

  • After 1 June, those applying for Graduate Registration should follow the online BDA application process, where you will also be asked for proof of your eligibility for registration.
  • Those applying for Practitioner or Academic Associate Registration, should follow the SENR registration process.

All applicants should read through the relevant guidance before applying. You must be approved by SENR before your BDA SENR membership can be confirmed.

If you are eligible for registration with the HCPC through UK training and education, you must join the BDA as a Full Member, not as an SENR Member.

Full BDA Members (Dietitians)

If you are an existing BDA Full Member (HCPC registered dietitian), and you wish to join the SENR, please first complete the registration process outlined on the SENR website. 

For more information, please visit the SENR Website, or contact us at

SENR is a core element of BDA business and is governed by its own Board which reports to the BDA Board of Directors.