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Please bear in mind that all claims affect the running costs of the Association and influence the annual subscription rates. We ask members and staff to be as prudent and as cost effective as possible when travelling on BDA business.

It is important that claims are processed within a reasonable timescale so that costs incurred throughout the year can be allocated to budgets and we have up to date information on expenditure. For this reason we ask that claims be submitted as soon as is practically possible but, in any event, within the month following the month of the expenses being incurred eg: expenses incurred in June, should be received no later than the end of July. 

The BDA financial year ends in February and all claims must be received by the end of February so that payment can be made within the same financial year. 

Late claims will only be paid in exceptional circumstances and require the approval of the Honorary Treasurer.



The most economical means of transport should be used and to help reduce Carbon emissions we ask staff and members to use public transport wherever possible.

The mileage rate is 25p per mile, where use of public transport is not practical or available (e.g. would take a considerable amount of time).

Use of air travel should only be used if other means of transport are unavailable or impractical. Most air travel can be made with budget airlines and you are encouraged to book well in advance to take advantage of cheaper tickets.

Taxis will not normally be reimbursed unless are the only viable option. The BDA will not pay for short taxi journeys, such as to the office from the station or preferred Birmingham hotel unless agreed in advance.

In London, the underground is normally quicker and cost effective.

Members and staff can reclaim their expenses for travel booked from the BDA.

  • To claim back your expenses please complete and return the BDA Expenses Form 
BDA Member Expenses Form


Important Information

BDA has found that many places are booked last minute, therefore bookings are left open as long as possible, whilst being mindful that delegates will be keen to finalise arrangements for attendance.

BDA does not recommend registrants making travel arrangements before the course has been officially confirmed as running and can accept no responsibility for any travel costs incurred in the event of cancellation.


All claims must be supported by Receipts where appropriate. VAT Receipts should be submitted wherever possible to enable the BDA to reclaim VAT.

All claims must be authorised by the Chairman of the relevant Committee or the relevant staff member and forwarded to the Accounts Department.