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It’s challenging to keep up with the big nutrition topics of the day, so the BDA regularly works with its partners to share new research or ideas to support your practice. This series of partner webinars will run throughout the year – catch up on our BDA Conversations here.

Gluten Beyond the Gut Neurological Gluten Sensitivity Research Update and Treatments

May 2023


  • Iain D Croall PhD, MRes, BSc, Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease, University of Sheffield
  • Nick Trott, Gastroenterology Dietitian, Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Our thanks to Dr Schar for supporting this conversation

This one hour webinar discussed the presentation of gluten-related brain conditions and shared growing evidence of the gluten free diet being directly beneficial for patients from a neurological perspective. Our experts talked about what dietary success really means and discuss goals around becoming antibody-negative

Nick Trott defined the gluten-free diet for neurological conditions, and discussed specialist considerations for its application in this patient group. He also covered monitoring and what to do if the patient does not respond to this approach.

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IBS Considerations beyond food – when might we want to think about a non-diet approach?

April 2023

Speaker Laura Tilt 

Our thanks to Symprove for supporting this conversation.

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Attendees enjoy this one-hour webinar during IBS Awareness Month. The webinar considered;

  • Why do we focus on diet?
  • How effective is diet?
  • When might we want to think about a non-diet approach?
  • What non-diet options can dietitians consider?

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Time restricted eating (TRE): current evidence, plus understanding barriers and opportunities for dietitians

December 2022

Our thanks to University of Surrey for supporting this conversation.

Attendees will learn current evidence relating to a topical new dietary intervention, time-restricted eating (TRE). The presentation will be delivered by experts in biological rhythms, nutrition and psychology to ensure thorough coverage of information relevant to clinical practice. A brief explanation of the theoretical background to TRE will be provided, followed by a summary of human trials in the area and preliminary research into public/patient impressions of TRE as a real-world intervention. At the end of the session, the presenters will explain how input from dietitians is required to help shape the future of TRE as a future long-term intervention.

Key papers and references from this webinar

General review papers:

1. A general chrono-nutrition review written for a nutrition audience with minimal chrono-jargon!

2. A recent TRE review from the leading group in the TRE research field

Papers referenced in the webinar presentation:

1. Flanagan et al (2021) Journal of Neurochemistry

2. Scheer et al (2009) PNAS

3. Hatori et al (2012) Cell Metabolism

4. Gill & Panda (2015) Cell Metabolism

5. Jefcoate et al (2021) Appetite (NB may not be freely available)

6. Sutton et al (2018) Cell Metabolism

7. Manoogian et al (2022) Cell Metabolism

8. Antoni et al (2018) Journal of Nutritional Sciences


Women’s health and the gut microbiome: changes over a lifetime

October 2022

Our thanks to Symprove for supporting this conversation.

Most women will experience menstrual cycles for at least 30 years of their lives, before going through menopause. These dynamic shifts in hormones affect many parts of the body, including digestive health and the microbiome.

In this one hour webinar, BDA CEO Liz Stockley was joined by special guest speaker Laura Tilt RD. Laura looked at how female hormones influence the gut, and how dynamic shifts in hormones through the lifecycle can impact digestion and the microbiome.

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The gut-brain axis and the role of the microbiome in health and disease

June 2022

The slides from the presentation can be downloaded here.

Our thanks to Symprove for supporting this conversation.

With the ever-increasing interest and growing scientific evidence surrounding the intrinsic link between the gut and other organs of the body, it's becoming more important than ever to understand and appreciate the therapeutic potential of targeting the gut microbiome to improve clinical outcomes in different patient groups.

In this one hour webinar, described by attendees as "remarkable" and "fascinating", BDA CEO Andy Burman was joined by special guest speaker Dr Lynne Barker. Dr Barker provided an overview of the current research on the gut-brain axis with focus on neurological conditions, including exploration of gut-brain interactions and communication pathways, how alterations in the gut microbiome may drive disease, as well as emerging evidence-based interventions for the management of Parkinson’s disease.

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Food for Thought: The Role of Nutrition in the Gut-Brain Axis, August 2021

Our thanks to Yakult for supporting this conversation

The ‘Food for Thought – The Role of Nutrition in the Gut-Brain Axis’ webinar, delivered by Love Your Gut and Yakult Science via the British Dietetic Association on Wednesday 21 July 2021, was an immensely popular event with over 1,100 registrants. The event was hosted by Dr Louise Durrant RD, Science Manager at Yakult UK, who was joined by Dr Ruairi Robertson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, and Dr Kirsten Berding Harold RD, Postdoctoral Researcher at the APC Microbiome Ireland. You can read coverage of the event here.

Nuts about Nutrition, May 2021

The "nuts about nutrition" webinar was a virtual educational event delivered by KIND® in partnership with the BDA in May 2021. The webinar was led by three experts (Azmina Govindji RD, MBDA, Sue Baic RD, MBDA and Dr. Wendy Hall RNutr, PhD) and took a deep dive into the health impact of nuts - from diet quality to effects on cardiometabolic health. In addition, it explored topical areas like the whole foods vs. single nutrients debate, the role of nuts within plant-based diets and the role of fat intake into wider diet context.The post-webinar reflective handout can be downloaded here.

Our thanks to KIND Snacks for supporting this conversation